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    The Joomla! content management system lets you create webpages of various types using extensions. There are 5 basic types of extensions: components, modules, templates, languages, and plugins. Your website includes the extensions you need to create a basic website in English, but thousands of additional extensions of all types are available. TheĀ Joomla! Extensions Directory is the largest directory of Joomla! extensions.

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Getting Started Written by Joomla! 16640
Professionals Written by Joomla! 60
Using Joomla! Written by Joomla! 449
Upgraders Written by Super User 65
The Joomla! Project Written by Super User 76
The Joomla! Community Written by Joomla! 56
Sample Sites Written by Joomla! 78
Parameters Written by Joomla! 74
Joomla! Written by Joomla! 68
Getting Help Written by Joomla! 70

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