The founders had to balance the needs of diverse states, from economic differences to cultural ones. The only way to make sure the president would be chosen by a wide variety of both individuals and also balancing regional considerations, the Electoral College was created. This makes us all equal partners in the selection of the president without giving too much power to those regions with higher populations vs. those with large land mass concerns. What originally was meant to balance the needs of the differences between the North and South has grown to also make sure there is a balance form coastal and interior concerns as well. The Electoral College makes us equal partners in selecting the President of the United States by more than just the popular vote, but the popular vote from 50 distinct states that also have their own independent powers. To protect the from popular takeover, the Electoral College as well as the Senate represents our federal limitations to state concerns.

About Save The Electoral College

Save the Electoral College is dedicated to the education and preservation of the Electoral College and its importance to the relationship between the people and the states that create the United States of America.