An effort is being made by liberal-leaning groups to abolish the Electoral College so that they can control the selection of the presidency and compel the entire nation to accept popular liberal views that may be contrary to the foundations of the American system of government. Without an effort to educate and defend the Electoral College, our separation of powers that limit the federal government and protects states rights will be eroded, and the presidency will no longer be a leader chosen by 50 independent states, making smaller populated states irrelevant. Three major pillars united the nation and distribute power in unique ways — the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Electoral College. If population-only supporters had their way, they would crush the Senate and Electoral College, crippling the nation and making some states slaves to others. Defending the Electoral College is defending the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which both recognized that we are not only the people of the United States of America, but also independent states with our own freedoms and protections from tyrannical federal control. Even freedom-loving citizens in states dominated by liberals would give up their state’s rights if efforts to remove the Electoral College are successful. We must defend it to defend the “United” States of America.

About Save The Electoral College

Save the Electoral College is dedicated to the education and preservation of the Electoral College and its importance to the relationship between the people and the states that create the United States of America.